More Wins in VOLATILITY INDICES using Price Action Trading. 

In my trading journey, it has never been easy and smooth. After being introduced to the subject of trading forex a few years ago, I became so interested and started looking for a mentor to learn more and more about this subject. I searched around me to get a mentor but to no avail and as a result I decided to use the cheapest resource I had “The Internet”. The first day I got introduced to trading forex, I found myself on my laptop researching on how I could make money trading forex. I remember sleeping around 3-4am in the morning watching YouTube videos, reading all trading material I could get my hands on. I hopped from one trading strategy to another in the hope that I will find the holy grail of trading and possibly become a millionaire just like everyone else.

My main focus right now is to make sure that you understand that I have been where you are now and I understand the struggle. For some of us it has never been easy because we did not had direct mentorship and we have to make things work. As a result of this realization, I have decided to share with you this system and possibly make it easier for you to learn how to trade and be profitable. As I begin this book I want all of you to focus on mastering the skill rather than focusing on the money. If you focus on the skill, no one can take away that investment you would have given yourself. Always have an investor’s mindset i.e. thinking in the long term. Blowing accounts is part of the game and the learning process. You must never give up until you become a master.

This book is purely based on my experience trading Volatility Indices and hence my interpretation of the market is simply customized to trading Volatility Indices.

This book is purely based on Volatility Indices Trading and of Simple Price Action

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Investopedia defined Volatility Index as an index which was created by (CBOE) Chicago Boards Options Exchange to reveal the volatility markets expectation for 1 month. This was designed using implied volatilities on S&P 500 Index options. This Volatility Index is commonly known as “Investor Fear Guage” or “Fear Index”. Investors, research analysts and portfolio managers look at VIX values as a way of measuring market risk, stress and fear before investing. So logically, fear can increase when stock prices are falling (there is a high rise of investors losing their investment portfolios) so this will result in VIX price plummeting. Similarly if prices of stocks increase, there is a high rise of excitement resulting in VIX price going down.


You are probably wondering why we are so much concerned about trading Volatility Indices when there is a bucket of other instruments like Forex, Stocks, and CFDs etc. Yes we trade other instruments but here we just want to exploit the benefits of trading Volatility Indices.

  • They have low margin requirements, i.e. one can start to trade with as little as USD10. Note that with our strategy we recommend that one starts with at least USD 100.
  • Your basic Pure Price Action works well- although here we back it up with other tools which will be explained in the following chapters.
  • Unlike currencies where there is direct manipulation of spreads so that one doesn’t profit especially when scalping, here there are low to fixed spreads.
  • Synthetic Indices derived by are preprogrammed and simulated computer algorithms which use randomly generated numbers to reflect the true financial market behaviour. The fact that synthetic indices movement is preprogrammed, cannot influence or predict which numbers will be generated by their algorithm in real time. Due to this fact, we can easily predict the market movement 80% of the time and take advantage of the movement
  • Volatility Indices are not affected by Fundamentals like CFDs, Stocks and Currencies and this narrows our focus only to Technical Analysis.



Candlestick Patterns -

Legit Support and Resistance -

Channels -Stop Bombs

Supply and Demand (Market Stations)


Continuation patterns

Reversal Patterns

Daily Pivots


Fibonacci Tool



Moving Averages


BUY Now at #7,000


The price of this Ebook will increase  to the Next Price after the Countdown 

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